Pre Lit Tree

Everyone loves a beautiful Christmas tree which really sets the mood for the festive season, so why not treat yourself to a pre-lit tree from

The right tree can create a fabulous atmosphere in your room, and you can be sure of a hassle free experience with a pre-lit tree from Their pre-lit trees are so simple to set up. Supplied with a sturdy base, into which you slot the bottom piece, followed by the middle and top pieces, these fire-resistant PVC trees have LED bulbs built in to the branches. All you need to do is click the two clearly labelled connectors together to connect the circuit, and the bulbs of your tree will come to life.

Remove the problem of tripping over yards of cord, replacing damaged bulbs or unwinding terrifying tangles, because all the cabling is integrated into the tree’s branches. The 150 LEDs are designed to provide a warm light to add to that cosy feel you’re looking for. You can also use the supplied controller to switch between seven different light sequences for your tree.

Supplied in a sturdy box, all the trees from are designed for easy assembly and storage, and with a pre-lit tree, there’s no need to worry about how to store your lights for next year. This tree will be ready for use again and again, providing you with the welcoming ambience of the holiday period.

Creating a new Christmas decorating tradition

Decorating your Christmas tree is a festive holiday tradition, so why not get the whole family involved this year and make it an occasion to remember. Start by setting a date a week or so before Christmas day and invite your family for a festive evening.

Before the day gather together all your décor for the festive season. stock pre-lit trees, and can even arrange all-inclusive packages to be delivered direct to your door. These packages feature a beautiful tree and many elegant decorations in matching tones.

Here are some ideas for your decorating evening:

  • Put on some festive music. Play some popular Christmas hits or well-loved hymns
  • Prepare hot chocolate with cookies for the children and cider cups with mince pies for the adults
  • Take turns to decorate the tree. have a stunning array of choices from warm copper or purple, to sparkling silver and gold
  • Hang homemade sweets and gingerbread shapes as the finishing touch to your tree
  • Countdown to the great tree light switch-on, with a cheer and a blessing to all

Not only will you have had a fun and festive time with your loved ones that will get you in the mood for the upcoming holidays, you will also have got the job of decorating done in the process. Christmas is about family and simple traditions, and this tree decorating ritual will be remembered by your family for years to come.

Snow Christmas Trees

Ah, the joys of Christmas. From twinkling lights to glittering snow, Christmas is the most sentimental and nostalgic time of the year. There is laughter with friends and family alongside quiet nights by the fire as the snow softly falls. Delicious smells waft from the kitchen and brightly wrapped presents tempt children from under the tree.

But the atmosphere we love at Christmas doesn’t happen by itself. Sometimes life gets messy and busy, and the perfect holiday we dream of for our family is difficult to achieve. But knows how to make that special Christmas mood easier to find. When it comes to decorating, for example, the Christmas tree is the main event. Whether you decorate your tree according to a specific colour scheme or with sweet little baubles collected through the years, you need a great tree to hang it on. The snow Christmas trees at bring the feel of a gorgeous, snow-covered forest into your home. With a natural shape, pre-attached LED lights, and a range of sizes, a snow Christmas tree will make it easy for you to beautifully decorate for Christmas. One of these fire-resistant trees is lightweight and easy to keep and care for, bringing Christmas enchantment to your house year after year.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees – Easy Peasy Christmas Treesy!

Ever since trees became an essential part of our Christmas festivities, it seems that we have always been looking for ways to illuminate them. The early attempts involving real trees and burning candles bordered on insanity but had the potential to provide a very warm welcome to the fat man in the red suit! Thankfully, common sense and the will to live through the festive season, resulted in safer alternatives.

Today’s offerings, as found on the site, give us the opportunity to have a very realistic looking artificial tree complete with lights ready attached. The very subject of Christmas tree lights conjures up memories of tangled-up wires and blown bulbs which never seemed to last throughout the whole holiday season, let alone from one year to the next. We have all spent hours trying to locate that elusive faulty bulb, only to have another breakdown the next day.

The pre-lit Christmas trees feature the new generation of LED bulbs which are much, much, more reliable. Reliability, longevity and convenience are not the only reasons to choose one of these trees. They also look fantastic and really provide a little bit of Christmas magic. Of course, to some people, the ritual of untangling wires, replacing bulbs and attempting to string up the lights onto the tree, may be regarded as an essential part of the run up to Christmas but I think that most of us have better things to do and have now seen the light!

Pre-decorated Christmas Trees

Decorated Christmas trees have been displayed in Europe since the 16th century. Their popularity has increased year on year, and now it is hard to imagine Christmas without a sparkling tree. Our expectations of our tree have grown, and now in addition to a non-drooping, long lasting tree, we expect that all trees will be carefully co-ordinated, top to toe, in a beautiful range of baubles, ornaments, tinsels and lights.

Pre-decorated trees from reliable suppliers like have soared in popularity, in no small part due to the imaginative range of styles and options, to suit all tastes and budgets. Trees arrive complete with lights carefully attached to limbs, so no more fretting about tangled wires and evenly distributing lights. Simply unpack your tree, find a suitable location for the base then quickly and easily slot the remaining sections together. At safety remains a top priority, and as such all trees are fire retardant and feature LED lighting so you can rest assured and sleep easy.

Whether your preference is for a basic but beautiful tree, or a luxury, larger, lifetime tree, will have something to meet your tree wish-list. Just imagine…no more packing up boxes of ornaments, no more wishing that you had co-ordinated the decorations better, no more wasted storage space full of boxes of Christmas tree decorations – simply fold your tree away on 12th night then watch it re-emerge, still perfect, next time. Save time and money and treat yourself to a pre-decorated tree today!

Thank you Xmasdeco! A glowing review for you!

It is unusual for me to review products or websites, but occasionally when I find an outstanding level of product, service and support, I will take the time to do so. My experience with xmasdeco has prompted me to put fingers to keyboard to share this site with others.

With a range of Christmas trees and decorations to suit every budget, I found xmasdeco the perfect one stop Christmas decorations shop. With knowledgable tips on how to create a stylish and co-ordinated look and with several options to choose from I was spoilt for choice!

The blog carried some excellent tips for creating the perfect Christmas feel and the easy to use menus and layout meant that I quickly added everything I needed to my basket. Check out and payment were simple and within no time I received my protectively packaged delivery of Christmas goodies. The products all represented excellent value for money, and I loved that delivery was FREE – no hidden sting in the tail!

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in the comfort of my own home pondering the various options and discussing colour schemes and themes with my partner. We clearly made the right decision as we were showered with compliments for our tree from friends and family throughout the festive period. Putting together our tree was very quick and easy and putting it away even more simple – thank you xmasdeco for transforming our Christmas for the better!